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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Carbon Fibre unbreakable?

What materials are Plexus cases made from?

Plexus Cases are made from a mixture, or composition, of materials. The materials are chosen based on the properties of the product we are creating. The main materials we use are Carbon Fibre and Aramid(Kevlar), with core materials such as Aluminium honeycomb and Closed cell foam also used.

Can Carbon Fibre be repaired?

In a word, no.

Carbon fibre can be broken but, we can exploit the tensile and flexural strength of the fibre and when combined with a toughened epoxy resin system we can engineer a product that has a much higher strength to weight ration than steel or aluminium.


Although it is sometimes not economically viable to repair a composite structure, they are very repairable.

Repairs are quite visually obvious but if done correctly, will have a good uniform surface and will be structurally as sound as the original item.

Our composite cases are made using the same principals, techniques and equipment as an F1 car. Whilst the materials we use do have a premium price over some composite methods, the main cost is labour. All of our products are hand made by our sister company, Plexus Composites, by highly experienced technicians. It takes several hours to manufacture our products to the standard that our customers can expect.

Where are Plexus cases made?

All Plexus products are hand made and assembled by our sister company, Plexus Composites, in West Oxfordshire. Once they have made them, we will then add any accessories, linings and customisations at Plexus Gear, prior to shipping.

For any product that we are reselling, including Peli, we offer a 3-5 day lead time.

For standard Plexus products, we aim to despatch within 2 weeks and for our bespoke products, it can be upto 6 weeks. This depends on the level of customisation and development required.

Why are composite items so expensive?

What are your lead times?

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